We tell your story. And tell it well. It doesn´t matter if it is about business, melons, travel, or opossums.

We listen to you, we suggest you, we ask you, and then we get to work to put into images whatever you need to show on the Net, on television or to move it in the digital media.

We make videos. And we will not say that we are the best, but we are good.


Your story is not like any other story; our mission is to show what distinguishes you from the rest and make you memorable.

Put distance between what´s yours and that of others. We can achieve this in any field, but we are specially good at:



There are many ways of reaching people, and not all of them are worth it. We will find the one that fits best with your project and we will turn it into a creative spot in order to spread your image through the screens and digital media worldwide.



The documentary and fictional audiovisual pieces, both in short and long format are two of the pillars of our activity. We try to face them with an overall vision that will provide coherence and solidity to the final result, and using the most advanced technical means in the market, such as our RED Dragon camera.


Another of our strengths. A composer, who works for us and only us, with fifteen years of experience in the creation of music for television, advertising, documentaries, video games and fiction. A Jerry Goldsmith Award contemplates him from a living room shelf.


We have worked with

ShotOnRED 1

What you need to say and present, we will tell it and present it in an audiovisual piece with which you can identify yourself. But to do that we have to meet you before. Call us, email us or pay us a visit.

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27002 Lugo