In this area we work with the filmed images, arranging them carefully and precisely so they
acquire rhythm and drive the narrative. We can also do this with other people’s material. This is not the right place to go into what we mean by good editing, but we do think the message must be clear and linked to a stimulating narrative form.

In addition, our service includes post-production and audio design, and, where appropriate, the use of Foley effects, ambient sound and sound-library material.

We are particularly careful when it comes to music, as we know how crucial the right music is for getting the most out of a story. We not only research and select musical material and acquire the
necessary licensing for its use, but carry out creative conceptualisation, music supervision, production and editing.

One of the members of 60 Ráfagas is an experienced composer whose work has been acknowledged on several occasions, as you can see here.