We have the RED DSMC2 Dragon 6K, one of the best cameras available. This camera is widely used in everything from Hollywood blockbusters to auteur films. As well as producing impeccable results, it can be quickly adapted to the type of scene to be filmed, shifting from a light rig to a heavy rig or to a stand set-up in just a few minutes. This means faster filming times and, consequently, lower costs.

We also have Blackmagic and Sony Fs7 cameras, both standard for use in commercials and high-definition documentaries, cinema prime lens packs, complete lighting equipment, Freefly Movi Pro stabiliser, dolly and additional material to solve all needs that may arise during a shoot. We also do Digital Image Technician work.

For the filming of aerial shots in digital negative with 4K resolution, we have drones, an AESA license and civil liability insurance, although the use of this resource is limited to those air spaces where the legislation allows it.