Galicia offers many characterful locations, and we know every inch of the territory. So, if you needan idyllic beach, we know where there is one; if you need fearsome cliffs, we know where to go.
And if you need haunting rocks sunk deep in the forest, we know just the spot. Only a few steps separate bustling modern towns from misty, ramshackle villages, and half an hour is more than enough to get from a medieval setting to a surfing spot and then to stunning baroque architecture.

The variety and diversity of the Iberian Peninsula’s landscape is incomparable. It offers almost every conceivable scenario in a territory where everything is within easy reach: Mediterranean and Atlantic beaches, arid deserts, mountain ranges, volcanic landscapes, modern cities and ancient towns, historic villages and aggressive industrial landscapes, lush forests, beautiful examples of architectural brutalism and megalomania, and, finally, the countless cultural traces of an exceptionally intense past.